Two happy occasions!In 2021, the GDP of Ganzhou in Jiangxi will exceed 400 billion yuan, and the two universities will merge to form a new university!

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Ganzhou is a prefectural city of Jiangxi province, located in the south of the province, the area of the city is relatively large, 39,379.64 square kilometers, there are 3 municipal districts, 15 counties and cities and two functional areas, in the just released “2021 Jiangxi city GDP ranking”, Ganzhou is the second place in the province, up to 416.937 billion yuan, the first break through 400 billion yuan,It’s something to be happy about.However, as the city’s permanent population is as high as 8.97 million, and the per capita population is only 46,481 yuan, the lowest in the province.No way, the population is more than the provincial capital Nanchang, this is an objective reason, so we need to continue efforts.Ganzhou’s higher education is good, mainly reflected in the number of colleges and universities, a total of 11 up to now, which for an ordinary prefecture-level city, there are many.And there are gannan normal university and jiangxi university of Science and Technology these two named “university” colleges and universities, high education level is worth affirmatory, there are gannan medical college, Gannan Institute of science and technology and gannan Normal University 3 undergraduate course schools, so, undergraduate course school has 5.In addition, there are ganzhou vocational and technical college, Gannan health vocational College and other 6 higher vocational schools, it can be seen that ganzhou’s undergraduate and junior college layout is balanced.Is known to all, vigorously develop vocational education in the country, under the premise of many independent colleges have completed a task, and set the direction only three, either to the public, or to run by the local people, specifically, or suspension of many independent college chose a merger with local power stronger in higher vocational colleges turn became “vocational and technical college”, so that the success rate is very high,And convenient for independent college a lot, for higher vocational colleges, upgraded to undergraduate course colleges and universities, both of which is the support, the successful cases a lot, in the hebei province, do you like the north China electric power university institute of science and technology and xingtai vocational and technical college merger turn to hebei engineering vocational college of science and technology.Ganzhou city also has an independent college, that is gannan Normal University College of Science and Technology.Recently, Ganzhou city released the news, actively promote jiangxi Institute of Environmental Engineering and Gannan Normal University science and Technology college to merge into an undergraduate university.So there are 6 local vocational colleges, why choose to merge with Jiangxi Vocational College of Environmental Engineering?In fact it is not difficult to answer this question, because the independent college will choose a bit more strength in higher vocational colleges merged, and the “twin school” is to determine the scale of higher vocational colleges, “because play school” is for the undergraduate course colleges and universities set up by the “double top”, so a lot of net friend would say “play school” is the “double top” in higher vocational colleges.Jiangxi province currently has a total of 5 “double high schools”, specifically to Ganzhou city has two, respectively, jiangxi Applied Technology vocational College and Jiangxi Environmental Engineering vocational College, then can only choose from these two schools.Jiangxi Vocational College of Environmental Engineering originally has the goal of “graduate”, and is supported by the local government, coupled with the university has cooperated with many schools to launch undergraduate programs, has accumulated rich undergraduate education experience, such as tourism management and product design undergraduate programs jointly organized with Gannan Normal University.Gannan Normal University is the “parent” of gannan Normal University College of Science and Technology, so it is relatively easy to operate.So does Jiangxi Environmental Science and Technology Vocational University really want to come?Welcome to exchange and study together.