Telecom fraud routine more!Keep these four fraud prevention tips handy!

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Telecom fraud crime has diversified means, strong organization involved in a wide range of characteristics such as serious harm to the safety of the people’s property let us look at these four classic small case study fraud prevention knowledge!01 Health care needs to be cautious fraud trap routine more medical treatment and health care, is a topic of concern for many elderly people.Many illegal elements under the banner of medical diagnosis and treatment, health care, will focus on the elderly pension money.Recently, a Woman named Xie in Shanghai reported to the police that six boxes of health medicine she bought for 24,000 yuan were expired.It is understood that Ms. Xie saw an advertising card, saying that the elderly can be over 70 years old free multi-function hand cart and walking shoes for the elderly, then called the phone on the advertising card.Later, “Professor Zhang” did a genetic test for Ms. Xie, analyzed the physical disease found, and told Ms. Xie to buy their genetic health medicine will be able to heal.Xie fell for it, paid 24,000 yuan and got six boxes of pills.Unexpectedly, after getting medicine, Xie Lady just discovers these medicine already expired.Police prompt: the elderly should correctly understand the role of health care products and efficacy, do not blindly buy, if the case of fraud please timely alarm!Not long ago, Li met a man surnamed Chen through a dating website.Xiao Chen was well-informed and witty, and Li soon took a liking to him.Chen often posts his own luxury cars and watches on his wechat moments, and his appearance is also heroic and handsome.Chen said he hopes to have a better family with Li.Li quickly fell in love and the two later talked about their sweet online love.In the process of online love, Chen told Xiao Li that he had the habit of investing and financing, and let Xiao Li invest with him and make money.He then sent Li a link to a website about the fund’s investment, saying he had foreign relatives who knew the inside story of the fund.”Boyfriend” talk of hype, Xiao Li heart, according to the guidance of Xiao Chen control, she many times remittance investment fund products.In the early stage, the income of the investment platform increased rapidly. Under the encouragement of Xiao Chen, she kept increasing the investment, and finally the total amount of transfer was nearly 4 million yuan.Wait until Xiao Li registers investment platform again, when trying to withdraw cash income, discover however no matter how operation, cannot withdraw cash, oneself also by “male friend” screen.Police warned: do not easily trust the identity of strangers in the online world, in the face of rhetoric and sweet temptation, be sure to control.Especially when the other side trumpeted “no loss,” “low cost, high return” and other lies about making money from investment, just listen to them and don’t actually put your money into it.Recently, a woman surnamed Li in Leqing, Zhejiang province, bought a set of bed sheets online. A worker claiming to be from a Courier company called to say that the package had been lost in transit.The “staff” informed Ms. Li of the order number, item, name, purchase price and other relevant information, and repeatedly apologized to Ms. Li, to give her three times the compensation.Ms. Li then clicked on the link sent by the “staff” and provided the verification code.Did not expect immediately received two deduction information, 10000 yuan of card cent twice “disappeared”!Flustered, Ms. Li contacted the express company and found that the goods were still in normal transportation. Ms. Li realized that she had been cheated.Police tips: do not easily add strangers as friends, do not click or scan the webpage links and TWO-DIMENSIONAL codes sent by strangers, and do not easily disclose identity information, verification code and other information to strangers.In March 2020, Li saw a video of Zheng in a wechat group, and asked her to help buy the duty-free shop.Since June, Lee has let Jeong buy five items worth 120,000 yuan.Jeong looks professional every time he goes shopping at a duty-free store and checks the model number with Lee.Later, Ms. Li’s friends told her that the bags were fake. In order to dispel doubts, Ms. Li took them to the appraisal results, but the appraisal results showed that they were all fake.According to the information provided by Ms. Li, the police quickly locked the suspect Zheng.After interrogation, Zheng said he bought counterfeit goods at a low price and sold them to her at the original price.Police tip: for purchasing products, consumers must sharpen their eyes, enhance vigilance, do not fall into the trap of a liar.Source: People’s Public Security Daily