Jin Dong wrote a post late at night to respond to unpaid wages, the identity of the whistleblower was uncovered, and the rumor ended with a wise man

2022-04-29 0 By

Late at night on February 17, jin Dong, an actor, posted a series of messages that seemed to upset her.What’s going on here?A user calling himself “The Beijing Association of Actors and Actresses” said that the crew of the RECENTLY completed TV drama “Lin Sen See the Deer” owed more than 300 actors’ wages, which have not been settled yet. One of the investors of the TV drama, Xianjun Film and Television, is 100% owned by jin Dong.Many friends contacted Jin To ask him what happened, which made Jin feel confused and angry, because there is no such thing as unpaid wages!Jin dong wrote in his post: “The only problem is that there is no cost for spreading rumors, even if the cart is turned upside down and he uses a unique metaphor of” flies sucking blood “. Although people who care about him urge him to ignore it, he thinks it should never be tolerated, just as in September 2017.”At that time, Jin Dong clarified on the Internet that he was not an actor of Midday Sunshine, but only a cooperative relationship. In the article, Jin Dong stressed that he did not buy Hot search, was a pure man, and had no intention to contact some actors. This phrase was interpreted by others as jin Dong’s connotation of other actors, so he was deeply in the public opinion.Fortunately, this time, history did not repeat itself, and the rumors of unpaid wages were quickly cleared up. Not only did a group of actors appear to speak for Jin dong, but the whistleblower quickly deleted the information.It has to be said that the ability of netizens is really strong, the whistleblower was soon found that it is not the first time to fabricate rumors, before also due to a variety of improper behavior by other artists sued the court, it can be seen that it is a repeat offender before.For this matter, xiaobian would like to say, although sometimes there will be some puzzling rumors in the entertainment industry, but we also have to believe that rumors stop in the wise, do not spread rumors, do not believe rumors, such as this unpaid thing, believe that in front of the facts, right and wrong we have their own judgment, because public opinion is a double-edged sword,Each of us should have our own standards and ability to judge and distinguish right from wrong, rather than being deflected by other people’s words.