“From 19.9 yuan” Special ticket for winter Olympics Ice and Snow Carnival of Northeast Asia Expo from 19.9 yuan!

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SKIING Park covers a total area of 45,000 ㎡ Snow and ice sports, penguins, sea lion performances, hot air balloons and lanterns meet all your fantasies about ice and snow Park. Special price single price: 19.9 Yuan (SKIING + Aquarium) Not available for sale until January 26Rmb34 (Snow event) Single VIP snow ticket: RMB60 (snow event + Power event 3 out of 5) VIP snow ticket + Aquarium single ticket: RMB90 SKIING: RMB60 (snow event)Children: applicable scope: under 1.3m, 1.3m (including adults).✿ project: play snow mountain rotary butterfly butterfly, children’s snow snow, snow leisurely wave ball, free and unfettered caused, whirlwind gyro ✿ five power projects: amphibious armored vehicles, banana boat, snow, snow, four-wheel drive hummers, drift big octopus ✿ single discount tickets (the Spring Festival, the first to the seventh unavailable) 200 yuan/m, ✿ balloon windless weather can play.* Address: 3km south at the intersection of Qianjin Avenue and Jinyu Road, China Railway Expo City * Business hours:The snow and ice Sports carnival covers an area of nearly 40,000 square meters, with teenagers as the main body, integrating holographic dazzling light show with snow and ice sports, ice and ice entertainment and ice and ice experience organically.Through “1 theme landscape axis +5 ice and snow sports experience”, the epochal, artistic, participation and public welfare of ice and snow sports are reflected.This ice and Snow Carnival will last for 50 days from 10:00 to 21:00 every day, and there will be different kinds of wonderful performances from 17:30 to 20:30 every night.Including youth ice and snow charity activities, youth snowfield football, balance car competition, fantasy ice and snow light show, electric syllable, frozen stage play, polar animal performance and other ice and snow themed experience projects.At the event site, there were dozens of ice-snow themed events, including “Penguin Exhibition”, “Sea lion show”, “Holographic light show”, “Alpine Snow Dish”, “Parent-child Fun Snow Circle”, “snow kart”, “Four-wheel Drive Hummer”, “ice VR”, “New Year red envelope Wall” and “table ice hockey”, allowing participants to feel the charm of ice and snow sports up close.At the same time, China Railway Changchun Expo city will also be subject to the owners of friends carefully prepared “brand home appliances”, “furniture sets”, “decoration building materials” and many other rich gifts, the scene of the event surprises, citizens cheering non-stop.The full Breath Light Show 1 is set off by sound and photoelectric rendering, with fantastic fairy tale characters and cool holographic fireworks show interwoven, bringing visitors a shocking visual and auditory new experience.Polar animal Show 2 penguin Show and sea lion show will give visitors a close look at these polar friends!Sea lion performance schedule: Upper afternoon: 11:30 Lower afternoon: 13:00, 14:30, 16:30, 17:30, 19:00 Ice snow hot air balloon 3 On the white snow, the colorful hot air balloon rises, add a romance for this winter!Ice and snow dance stage drama 3 magical world of ice and snow, magic stage performance, reproduce yesterday’s classic, let children, big friends continue frozen!(There will be performances on Saturday and Sunday) Ice and snow mobility Item 3 Amphibious armored vehicles, snow off-road go-kart, snow 4×4 Hummer ATV, Floating octopus, banana boat, free ice car, feel the fun of ice and snow in the speed and passion!Click here to read the original article for benefits