After Saddam’s death, one of China’s bodyguards went to Jordan and helped Lagarde escape death several times

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In 2003, the United States went to war in Iraq.The regime of Saddam hussein collapsed in an instant, and he watched his sons die one by one.His son’s death reminded Saddam that he had a daughter and a grandson, and for their safety he sent them abroad, to a friend’s country, to seek help.As we all know, Saddam’s grandson survived because of his protection, and his eldest daughter, Lagarde, fled to Jordan under Saddam’s protection.Ms. Lagarde had a difficult relationship with her father from an early age.In her eyes, the father loves the son more.Especially when the husband was killed by his father.That is why Ms Lagarde has been ranting about it.Even so, father is still father, after his father was hanged, Lagarde found her love for her father is still so deep.If it hadn’t been for her father, she would have had her head cut off.After fleeing to Jordan, Ms Lagarde is safe, albeit under the protection of the King.But that doesn’t mean she’s out of danger.On one occasion, Ms Lagarde was assassinated by her enemies and nearly died.So startled was Jordan’s king that he offered a hefty reward for 27 bodyguards for Ms Lagarde.These bodyguards are all big and have excellent marksmanship.With their protection, he can rest easy.However, to his surprise, Ms Lagarde was injured.In order to prevent Lagarde injured again, the King of Jordan to find her a Chinese kung fu master, this person is Ding Shengli.In fact, Ding Shengli is not a kung fu master, he is only an acrobat, does not know what kung fu is.However, because of his acrobatic skills as a child, the King of Jordan mistook him for a kung fu master and recommended him to Lagarde as a bodyguard.Later, under ding Shengli’s protection, Lagarde narrowly escaped death many times, which also makes Lagarde trust him very much.As long as she goes out, Lagarde will keep Ding Shengli at her side to protect her, and her confidential documents will be placed beside Ding Shengli.For Ding Shengli, a few years of bodyguard life, really let him earn a lot of money.But this kind of work is too dangerous for him.On several occasions, bombs exploded right next to him while protecting Ms. Lagarde, and he might have been there if he hadn’t acted on his own.On one occasion, Ms. Lagarde was attacked by a group of unidentified men, while protecting Ms. Lagarde, Ding Shengli was seriously injured.It is this injury, let ding Victory understand a thing.Even if they make more money, there is no life to spend.Only then did Mr Ding offer his resignation to Ms Lagarde.Ding, who has now returned to China, has bought a big house in his hometown and enjoys an unprecedented quiet life.For Ding shengli, being a bodyguard is just a small episode in his life.Life is now called happiness.Sometimes he would sigh that it was good to be born in China, because China is the safest country without war.