Guizhou Qiliu law firm went deep into Pingle Village of Sankeshu Town to carry out “I do practical things for the masses” Spring Festival to send warm activities

2022-04-27 0 By

In order to firmly establish the concept of “I do practical things for the masses”, give full play to the effectiveness of village (residential, community) legal advisers, improve the quality of service for the people.Recently, Guizhou Qiliu Law Firm went to Pingle Village, Sankeshu Town, Kaili city to carry out the activity of sending law into rural areas, providing free legal consulting services for the masses of villagers.During the activity, the village committee sought legal help for hot issues such as neighborhood conflicts, salary disputes, and marital support based on the actual situation of the area under its jurisdiction. The lawyers on hand answered the legal advice of the masses with a focus on being close to reality and life.At the same time, they put forward professional legal opinions and suggestions to the village committee on the relevant legal problems encountered in the process of governing the village by law and building a civilized village ruled by law. The majority of villagers and village cadres expressed their heartfelt thanks to the lawyers who participated in the activity, saying that they had solved a lot of legal confusion through this activity.During this activity, 20 people answered legal questions.Later, the legal consultation activity was over, and guizhou Qiliu Law Firm visited the villagers in gaopo Village to offer warm clothes and other supplies to ensure that they could have a warm, peaceful and safe Spring Festival.Guizhou Qiliu Law Firm has carried out a campaign to promote the rule of law during the Spring Festival, communicating face to face with the public and helping the rural revitalization with practical actions.The activity of “I do practical things for the Masses” + “Rule of law into the countryside” gave full play to the function of public legal service and aroused the enthusiasm of the legal service industry. With the theme of “Party building leads and helps the countryside”, it sent a rich “legal package” to the masses and achieved good legal and social effects.In 2022, Kaili Justice Bureau will, as always, lead the lawyer team to actively assume social responsibilities, continue to help rural revitalization and “I do practical things for the people” related public welfare activities, promote the rule of law with practice, escort rural revitalization.(Contributed by Tao Yuanli) Pioneers of the rule of law serve people’s livelihood