Blockbuster!Summary and Interpretation of electric Vehicle Charging Pile Industry Policies in China and 31 Provinces and Cities in 2021 (full)

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— Original title: Big bang!Summary and Interpretation of electric vehicle Charging Pile Industry Policies in China and 31 Provinces and Cities in 2021 (full) Policies promoting the Construction of Charging PilesAt present, the listed companies in the domestic ev charging pile industry mainly include Teride (300001), Guodian Nangrui (600406), Wanma Stock (002276), Zizit (300376), Kelu Electronics (002121), Koshida (002518), etc.This paper core data: policy course, relevant national policy, provincial and municipal level related policy 1 and policy course chart the development of China’s electric vehicle charging pile industry is the basic guarantee of new energy vehicles development, in 2012 promulgated by the State Council of the energy saving and new energy automobile industry development plan (2012-2020) “for the first time of charging pile construction are put forward.In September 2015, The General Office of the State Council issued the Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure, which clarified the policy direction of the charging pile industry for the first time.Later, the promotion subsidy policy for new energy vehicles was changed from subsidizing new energy vehicles themselves to subsidizing charging infrastructure.In 2020, the policy direction of “scientific layout and accelerated construction” will further add new impetus to the development of ev charging pile industry.Since 2012, various ministries and commissions in China have actively issued relevant policies to promote the construction of charging piles in various fields and the development of the charging pile industry.Policy support and guidance can greatly improve the construction process and operation efficiency of charging piles.By the end of August 2021, China’s national policies on EV charging piles are summarized as follows: — Development Goals and Direction of EV charging piles during the 14th Five-Year Plan Period On November 2, 2020, The General Office of the State Council issued the Notice on Printing and Distributing the Development Plan for New Energy Vehicle Industry (2021-2035).The circular said efforts should be made to promote high-quality development of the new energy vehicle industry and speed up the building of an auto power.As an important basic guarantee for the development of new energy vehicles, electric vehicle charging pile is closely related to the development of electric vehicles.The Plan clearly points out that: At the same time, the plan defines the development direction of ev charging facilities in the following three aspects, which are the key development direction of China’s EV charging pile industry during the “14th Five-Year Plan” :Under the background of strong support from the state, domestic provinces and cities have issued a series of relevant policies and plans based on the advantages of local industry and resources and their own conditions. At present, among the 31 provinces and cities in China,Twenty-nine provinces and cities have adopted policies to promote the ev charging pile industry.Policy promotion has provided an important driving force for the development of ev charging pile industry in various provinces and cities in China.During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, some provinces in China put forward development goals for ev charging pile construction.Among them, Guangdong, Shandong and Beijing proposed the number of charging piles to 2022, and Jiangxi proposed to achieve full coverage of charging piles in expressway service areas.Guizhou and Anhui have made plans for the cumulative number of charging piles by 2023.In addition, Hunan plans to have more than 400,000 charging facilities by 2025, while Shanghai aims to build 200,000 new charging piles by the end of 2025.The above data refer to the Development Prospect Forecast and Investment Strategy Planning Analysis Report of China’s ELECTRIC Vehicle Charging Pile Industry by Qianzhan Industry Research Institute.At the same time, Qianzhan Industry Research Institute also provides industrial big data, industrial research, industrial chain consulting, industrial atlas, industrial planning, park planning, industrial investment and investment, IPO financing research, IPO business and technology writing, IPO working paper consulting and other solutions.