The Biden administration asked for pence’s records to help investigate the congressional unrest

2022-04-25 0 By

Over former President Donald Trump’s objections, the Biden administration on Tuesday asked the National Archives to turn over records of Former Vice President Mike Pence to help the House Of Representatives select Committee investigating the Capitol building riots.Candles are placed outside the Capitol building in Washington on January 6 to mark the first anniversary of the riots on Capitol Hill.In a letter sent on Monday, White House Counsel David Remus instructed the National Archives to hand over documents requested by the special investigation committee. The documents include communications related to Pence’s verification of the Electoral College vote when he was president of the Senate.Mr. Remus said that while the vice president’s records did qualify for some restricted access exemptions, “they are not subject to the president’s communications executive privilege claim.”In the absence of a court order, the records will be turned over by March 3, the archives said.So far, the House special investigative committee has received about 60,000 pages of records, including more than 700 pages of National Archives material that Mr. Trump tried to hide from investigators, According to Congress.(CCTV News)