In 1925, Chiang Kai-shek appeared at the gate of a rich lady, Chen Geng angrily exclaim suddenly: it is you

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There was a man in the Communist Party whom Chiang Kai-shek not only dared not kill, but was even more reluctant to kill.And this man, his name is Chen Geng.Of course, the main reason is that Chen Geng once saved Chiang Kai-shek’s life.So what happened after Chiang kai-shek was saved?When a rich young lady appeared at the gate of Chiang Kai-shek’s headquarters, Chen Geng why would suddenly exclaim that it was you?Chiang Kai-shek’s brief history archives today will talk to you about the next story.Chiang Kai-shek because of the three Chen Geng left Chen Geng side saved Chiang Kai-shek, Chiang Kai-shek is grateful!After all, in Chiang Kai-shek’s mind, there were very few people who could save his life.So Chiang Kai-shek to Chen Geng is both generous gifts and mention the position, and even Chen Geng transferred to his side when the staff.In addition to these, Chiang kai-shek also ordered that Chen Geng could only be allowed to come and go in his room and see his small and large officials, and only Chen Geng was allowed to carry guns.It has to be said that Chiang Kai – shek really regards Chen Geng as his own brother.This also makes some whampoa people at the same time dissatisfied up, Chiang Kai-shek on their right and wrong dozen namely scold, Chen Geng is always kind smiling face.Chen Geng but what does Chiang Kai-shek care about?Of course, Chiang Kai-shek can become Chiang Kai-shek, it is not only simple thanks to Chen Geng, he put Chen Geng to stay around, but also for three reasons: first, Chiang Kai-shek wanted to show that he is grateful to all people, is conscience;Second, Chiang Kai-shek appreciated Chen Geng’s talent, Chen Geng can increase the feelings of the two people in the side, can use feelings to hold Chen Geng in the future;Third, Chiang Kai-shek’s keeping Chen Geng by his side was like putting an eagle in a cage, making it impossible for him to interact with the Communist Party.But how could Chen Geng defer to him?Chen Geng Chen Geng inadvertently turned over to The Roster of Chiang Kai-shek in order to please Chen Geng, Chiang Kai-shek can be said to be in every possible way.To express his trust in Chen Geng, Chiang sometimes deliberately scattered documents on the table so that they could be seen when Chen Geng came in to clean up the house.Chen Geng is a smart man, naturally know that Chiang Kai-shek this is the performance of trust him, will be very moved to Chiang Kai-shek loyalty.Moreover, Chiang Kai-shek knew Chen Geng would not go to see, so Chiang Kai-shek’s calculation is really loud enough.Indeed, Chen Geng never looked at the documents on his desk, nor did he care what they were.However, the small left-hand drawer was locked, which aroused Chen geng’s suspicion that the rest of the drawers and papers on the desk were scattered, but only this one was closed.Chiang Kai-shek shows that Chiang Kai-shek has a ghost!But it was 1925, during the Eastern Conquest, when the Kuomintang and the Communist were working together.So Chen Geng even if no matter how suspicious, also never thought to take the initiative to open Chiang Kai-shek’s mysterious drawer to peek at what.A careless tree will have a great shade.Chen Geng no idea, Chiang Kai-shek was out of trouble.One day, Chiang estimated that he had forgotten to lock the drawer, so when Chen Geng came in, he suddenly found a booklet in the drawer that he had never seen.Chen Geng focused his eyes on the book, which was a “Huangpu Military Academy Students and officials at all levels”, Chen Geng took advantage of Chiang Kai-shek did not notice, inadvertently turned over.Suddenly, Chen Geng found that there were many Communist Party members’ names appeared in the book, and the names were also marked with red circles.Chen Geng quickly, Chen Geng turned to his name, saw his name not only draw on the red circle, but also next to write a sentence: “The person is a Communist party member, can not let him lead the soldiers, unfortunately!”Chen Geng instantly inhaled air!Chen Geng immediately informed Zhou Enlai of this news and was completely disappointed!During the Period of the Eastern Conquest, the Kuomintang and the Communist Party cooperated. The Communist Party always took the initiative to risk its life and death and rushed ahead, never caring about gains and losses.After winning a few victories, Chiang kai-shek began to be wary of the Communists, acting like an enemy and attempting to squeeze them out and suppress them.It can be said that steamed bread has not steamed, it is necessary to expose the pot hand to eat alone!Chen Geng instantly disappointed with Chiang Kai-shek.Chen Geng originally thought that at the moment of the Eastern Expedition, the KUOMINtang-Communist cooperation should be as close as brothers and brothers, sharing weal and woe, after all, the joint whampoa Military Academy and discuss the national economy and people’s livelihood are still in the memory.But Chen Geng did not expect that the Communist Party so sincere actually did not change the sincerity of Chiang Kai-shek.He, in particular, had a deep respect for Chiang Kai-shek, even if he had not, apart from the fact that he had saved his life.It was unexpected that Chiang Kai-shek should be so wary of him, the man who had saved his life.Chen Geng more want to more gas, since Chiang Kai-shek you cross the river to destroy the bridge, don’t be a person to be a ghost, then I Chen Geng also want to play with you.Then Chen Geng hurried to contact Zhou Enlai, will be Chiang Kai-shek’s Wolf son ambition all report.Zhou Enlai was so shocked that he immediately decided to return to Guangzhou from Shantou to discuss countermeasures with Chen Yannian, the Secretary of guangdong District Party Committee, and Bao Luoting, the Soviet adviser. Zhou struck back at Chiang kai-shek and stopped cooperating with him.But later or because of a variety of reasons did not go, of course, this is a story later.Chen Geng to the girl to buy fried shrimp Zhou Enlai left, Chen Geng instantly felt that he lost the backbone.One morning, Chen Geng got up early and decided to wander outside, regardless of the clutter.Walking on the streets of Shantou, Chen Geng looked at the noisy sea and the big bell of the Catholic Church, and his heart suddenly became more relaxed.Shantou, although do not resemble Shanghai in that way flourishing, also do not resemble Guangzhou in that way richly, but shantou unique sea and sky one color still let a person be obsessed with.Chen Geng walking on the street, Chen Geng set his sights on a frying pan body, saw a small frying pan support in the alley exit, hot oil rolling, crispy fish and shrimp, aroma permeated in the street.Suddenly, Chen Geng found a 10-year-old girl standing in front of the stall, saw the girl looking at fried shrimp, fried fish motionless, greedy saliva to flow out.The woman who led the little girl asked what she would like to eat.The little girl said she wanted fried shrimp.The woman reached out and touched the pocket inside the garment. After that, the woman reached out and touched the pocket outside the garment, but the woman still did not come out.Helpless, the woman could only pull the little girl away, but the little girl still watched the fried shrimp refused to go too fast.Chen Geng Chen Geng came forward, holding the girl’s hand said: “Little sister, go, I buy fried shrimp for you.”The little girl was frightened and hid behind the woman, saying that she would not eat.Chen Geng looked at the woman, hoping to promise to buy a fried shrimp for the girl to eat, but the woman did not promise, but deeply bowed to Chen Geng, expressed his gratitude.Then the woman took the girl and disappeared in Chen Geng’s sight.Chen Geng looked at the two far away, the heart surface can not help but sigh, so difficult people are poor and short, let a person admire.But Chiang, the commander in chief whom he respected, was so narrow-minded and unambitious.Chen Geng sighed, it seems that poor is not terrible, poor ambition is terrible!Pity for Chen Geng in the middle, how could Chiang Kai-shek understand it?Wang Genying dressed up as a rich miss Chen Geng made an embarrassment that morning, Chen Geng was patrolling the east Army headquarters at the gate of the investigation, said that the headquarters, in fact, had become a private place of Chiang Kai-shek, said that Chiang Kai-shek at the gate.Thinking of this, Chen Geng gave a cynical laugh.Just then, a rickshaw suddenly stopped at the gate of the headquarters.A bossman-like man got out of the car, holding his hat in his right hand and his coat in his left, and bowed deeply to the guards to show that his name was Chen Tianci and he had come to see the commander in chief.Said, then a white card respectfully handed up.Then the messenger immediately told Chen Geng the news, Chen Geng holding the business card, the business card reads:Chen Geng shantou Chamber of Commerce president, Tianfeng Company manager Chen Tianci native Chaozhou Chen Geng looked at the business card, instantly remembered Chiang Kai-shek’s flattery to these rich businessmen, the heart felt disgust, so Chen Geng immediately let the soldiers out to inform the commander in chief is not, let him come another day.After finishing, Chen Geng angrily patted the table, Chiang Kai-shek not good cooperation with the Communist Party, like to draw rich businessmen to do backer, do all the flattery.When Chen Geng was angry, he suddenly heard the sound of a woman wearing high heels.Chen Geng went out to take a look, saw a wearing a coat of rich miss standing in front of their own, the rich miss is leisurely combing hair, even don’t look at Chen Geng one eye.Chen Geng’s heart sneer, you don’t want to see me, I don’t want to see you, so Chen Geng turned to look at the mirror, but also want to observe the rich lady from the mirror.Chen Geng suddenly, rich young lady opened: “less according to it, this appearance is handsome enough.”Chen Geng listened to the rich young lady suddenly began to tease him up, very angry, so ruthlessly said a: “What are you?So frivolous.””The rich lady also said defiantly,” If a guest comes, I don’t care. I don’t even look.”Chen Geng was anxious, quickly asked what the rich young lady is to do, if there is no matter, do not pester at the door.Without speaking, Miss Chen Gengkuo swaggered to the mirror and stood shoulder to shoulder with Chen Geng.Chen Geng instinctive flash, and Kuo Miss and deliberately approached him a step, Chen Geng and deliberately ran away half step, Kuo Miss also deliberately followed the past.Chen Geng could not help but anger, was about to open angrily when suddenly found a familiar figure and face, Chen Geng’s nerves like electric shock, then immediately grabbed miss Kuo’s arm: “It was you, A Ying.”The rich young lady turned out to be none other than Chen Geng’s fiancee wang Genying in Shanghai.Chen Geng hurriedly took Wang Genying to a deserted place and asked whether What happened to Wang Genying?Why suddenly came to Shantou?Wang Gen Ying Wang Gen Ying repeatedly waved his hand, began to look around alert……Wang Genying came to Chen Geng to raise military funds Wang Genying last saw Chen Geng, it was three years ago.Chen Geng found that Wang Gengying was taller and more good-looking, especially in the clothes like the body rich miss, more prominent temperament, no wonder Chen Geng did not recognize.Then Chen Geng quickly asked Wang Genying what to do?At that time, Wang Genying remembered the business and Chen Geng expressed the purpose of the visit.Originally Wang Genying is shouldering the task given to her by the Party organization, just came to Shantou from Shanghai, she is looking for Chen Geng to raise military funds.Chen Geng Chen Geng straight to the point: “How much do you need?”Wang Genying replied, “Other places are ready, but I still need 800 heads.”While the blood of the May 30th massacre was still wet, some warlords raised their knives in Shanghai and acted as imperialist executioners to slaughter their compatriots.When the nation was in danger, the armed uprising of the Shanghai workers announced the beginning of the armed struggle of the Chinese working class. What a great cause, what an exciting feat!Wang Genying is in this moment of crisis in Shanghai, serving as the chairman of the jardine mill’s trade union, with more than 8000 workers, has been resisting imperialism.Then Wang Gengying told Chen Geng about her experience in Shanghai, in order to resist the enemy, she often took workers to the streets to parade slogans.But the foreign devils took high pressure faucets to break up the parade, and some even took out bayonets to threaten the workers in the parade.Wang Genying qi however, and a good sister together to seize the high pressure faucet down, but also because of this, so that Wang Genying was arrested.Fortunately, under the solidarity of the workers, Wang Genying was rescued.It is also because of this, the party central committee consciousness hand does not have the strength of a chicken to resist imperialism, must arm Shanghai workers picket team, pick up guns to resist.Therefore, Wang Genying came to Shantou and asked Chen Geng to help raise military funds and purchase guns and other equipment to arm the revolution and counter the armed counter-revolution.After hearing the above, Chen Geng wanted to donate his money, but he really didn’t have too much money.Poverty-stricken distress, Chen Geng urgent walked around in the hall, looking for a way to make money, but Chen Geng could not think of what money fast way, only blame themselves usually did not put the money too important.Suddenly, in Chen Geng’s mind appeared such a scene: short, big belly, white fat white fat head also wearing a top hat……It was Chen Tianci, president of the Shantou Chamber of Commerce and Industry that he had just kicked out. He also handed over his business card and asked to see Commander Jiang Geng. Chen Geng thought of it here and laughed out of his voice.Feeling very strange, Wang Genying quickly asked Chen Geng: “What are you laughing at yourself there?”Chen Geng family portrait Chen Geng at this time to slow god to answer Wang Genying, he is reminded of just had a fat president ousted, has been Shouting to see Commander Jiang.Isn’t it just god helping me?Usually do not come, but today Wang Genying to raise money for the army, he came to see Chiang Commander-in-chief, this is clearly to send money to it?Chen Geng happily turned to Wang Genying and said, “Being in a high position and making money, why not use it for the armed uprising of Shanghai workers?”After saying that, Chen Geng grabbed the phone, he wanted to call the god of wealth to see the commander in chief.Chiang Kai-shek after the phone, Chen Geng smiled to Wang Geng Ying said sorry, but also showed his own heart, hope Wang Geng Ying and so on, such as the end of the Eastern Crusade, he Chen Geng will marry Wang Geng Ying.Wang Genying naturally believed Chen Geng and promised Chen Geng on the spot.Then Chen Geng took Wang Genying to his room and settled Wang Genying to rest.After entering the room, two people sit together each other with each other’s thoughts, casually waiting for the arrival of “god of wealth”……Disclaimer: This article is the original article of Toutiao Brief History Archives, any unauthorized reprint, plagiarism, manuscript washing behavior will be investigated!