After nine years of family viewing, why can’t anyone beat this “bear”?

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Half a month after its release, the animated film “Boonie Bears After Earth” is still holding its own, ranking in the top five of the single-day box office charts and becoming the highest-grossing film of the “Boonie Bears” franchise with over 800 million yuan in ticket sales.Since the debut of the first big movie “Boonie bears: Raiders of the Lost Bear” in 2014, the “Boonie Bears” series, which is almost one movie a year, has released eight works in nine years, focusing on the theme of parent-child and growth to drive family movie-watching, occupying half of the top ten domestic animated films at the box office.It doesn’t make people wonder why the Boonie Bears series is so popular for family viewing.The box office of Boonie Bears After Earth, which has broken five film records including the record for the cumulative box office of an animated feature during the Spring Festival, is still growing.According to Beacon Professional, as of 17:30 on February 15, the cumulative box office of the film has reached 845 million yuan, not only has already exceeded the pre-release media forecast of 607-727 million yuan, but also continues to rank among the top five single-day box office, surpassing many other films released later.The recent increase in the box office for “Boonie Bears after Earth” has brought the total box office for the “Boonie Bears” movies to a new level.Since 2014, the “bears” series according to the rhythm of the year work, continue to launch the movie, except in 2020 because of the outbreak has failed to release, as of 2022, nine years, the “bears” series has eight movie work, according to Beijing business newspaper reporters incomplete statistics, more than 8 total movie box office has reached 4.1 billion yuan.It is worth mentioning that the single box office of Boonie Bears series has also increased from the initial 200-300 million yuan to more than 500 million yuan, and the box office of Boonie Bears after Earth has achieved over 800 million yuan is the highest in the series.Meanwhile, Boonie bears took up half of the top 10 domestic animated films by occupying five spots, and two of them made it into the top five.There is no doubt that the boonie bears IP has formed its own influence in the domestic market through the continuous renewal of previous animated series and the release of several big films in successive years.In the fierce competition in the film market, especially in the Spring Festival, the popular period of “gods fighting” is often staged, “Boonie bears” series can still occupy a certain market share, but also cause more people’s attention.In the view of director Huang Zhiyong, Chinese animated films generally aim at two directions to grab the market. One is the works of older age groups represented by animated films such as Ne Zha in recent years.Another option is to focus more on children.The latter can continue to fall into two categories, one for children only;The second is that it can not only be loved by children, but also promote family viewing and be recognized by adults. The Boonie Bears series is the second type.According to lighthouse Professional version of want to see user portraits, in the audience age of “Bears after Earth”, 30-34 years old, 35-39 years old, 40 years old and above accounted for more than 20%, and reached 23.7%, 24.5% and 20.6%, respectively. Teenagers ranked fourth with 14.8%.Those aged 20-24 and 25-29 accounted for less than 10%.Zhi-yong huang said, it can also see the movie “bears” series groups, maybe someone will think, just watching movies, children need parents to accompany, but it is different from family movie still has, in python, parents are more supervision responsibility, but family movie with care, and the interaction of the parent-child relationship, family relationship,The viewing effect produced is also different.Some children and their parents have gradually formed the habit of going to the cinema to watch new films as they continue to be released at a steady pace, Beijing Business Daily reports.Ms. Wei, an audience member, said that at the beginning, she took the initiative to take her child to watch the boonie Bears movie. Later, the child would also take the initiative to watch the movie. In the past two years, the family unconsciously came up with the idea of watching the new boonie Bears movie, so the whole family went to the cinema together.Film critic, said prince he of changyi “bears” series movie most select 1-2 month of the year, comes at a time during winter vacation, sometimes will also meet with the Spring Festival, all is one of the families as an opportunity, and by rhythmically continues to push the new layout, can make people in subconscious to some extent the “bears” series movie associated with winter, the Spring Festival,The subtle cultivation of movie-going habits, coupled with the intensification of coming-of-age themes in the film, also attracted the attention of the target audience.At present, the “bears” series in the series, movies, plays more and more fields such as layout, are also further enhance the influence of the IP, film production technology is also in the reinforcement at the same time, there is public information, in the production process of the journal of bears, returning to the earth, the garbage city scene produced 7.3 billion model, polygonal surface 12.561 trillion.”The domestic animated film market still has a large space to explore, if the film wants to last longer, according to the living environment and social development is a key part of it.”Huang Zhiyong said.Beijing Business Daily reporter Zheng Rui