A shares: suddenly fell again, next week, the stock market is facing difficulties?

2022-04-25 0 By

It is very unexpected that the peripheral stock market suddenly dropped, and this time the peripheral stock market drop is not small ah, which will form A larger negative impact on the opening of A shares next week, before the author has been worried about the peripheral stock market, did not expect, or dropped.Among them, the STANDARD & Poor’s 500 index dropped 2.44%, the Nasdaq index dropped 3.74%, and the Dow Jones Index also dropped 1.45%. It can be said that the Three major U.S. stock indexes suddenly appeared a wave of falling prices.In particular, the Nasdaq index fell more than 3%, which is basically a rare phenomenon.At the same time, there were also a lot of technology stocks listed in the United States, such as Amazon fell nearly 8%, And Netflix fell more than 5%, Microsoft fell nearly 4%, this time, the performance of Chinese stocks also appears to be very weak.Not only U.S. stocks, European stock markets also fell in the general decline, the Netherlands AEX index fell 2.19%, France’s CAC40 index fell 1.54%, Germany’s Frankfurt DAX index fell 1.57%.Most of the European stock indexes were basically in the downward trend, it is interesting that although the peripheral stock markets suddenly fell, but this time, the Asia-pacific stock market did not appear too much linkage effect.The Hang Seng index, which has a high correlation with the US stock market, jumped more than 2% directly at the opening of the market today, and there was a wave of rising prices. At the same time, the Kospi index rose close to 1%, the situation seems to be different.Interestingly, at this time, not only the Fed has signaled its willingness to raise interest rates, but the European Central Bank has also signaled hawkish signals, making no mention of the so-called “unlikely to raise interest rates this year.”That said, the European Central Bank may also be willing to raise interest rates at this time, so European stock markets started a sharp decline, after all, inflation is gradually rising, something has changed.In the U.K., recent inflation figures showed inflation hitting a 30-year high in December, so analysts expect the Bank of England to tighten monetary policy aggressively.Some experts said, The Bank of England will raise interest rates more than five times this year, which will have a big impact on the British stock market. However, the bank of England is worried about rising inflation.Especially on Thursday, when the Bank of England raised interest rates for the first time in 18 years, the situation has clearly changed and the volatility in the capital markets may have just begun.So, this peripheral stock market suddenly drops again, next week, the stock market faces trouble?At present, this drop has little impact on A shares, because at this time, the Hang Seng index does not fall instead of rising, but if the European and American stock markets fell again tonight, the situation is certainly different, before, the author has been maintaining A view.That is, now the A-share market is obviously not the best time to enter the market, because there are too many risks of uncertainty, the shock of European and American stock markets, as well as too much above the trapped plate, as well as the continuous low turnover and so on are the key to affect the A-share market.The market thinks: “The a-share plunge before the holiday is obviously the action of funds to avoid risks. After the holiday, the risk release is finished, the market capital will return, so that the stock market trading becomes active, and will not continue to fall.”In my opinion, the main capital has been more than 30 consecutive trading days of outflow, northbound capital is also ready to move, at least last week began to outflow phenomenon, now the capital has some jitters up, most still wait and see.Even if, there will be A return of funds after the festival phenomenon, but in the face of A shares after A continuous drop, it is estimated that it is difficult to have A big action, at most there will be A certain repair of the market, and the repair of the market rise is more limited.Therefore, to sum up, the current A-share market is still lack of A long-term sideways, now the strength of the short side is still greater than the strength of many, coupled with the continuous collapse of heavyweight stocks, further push up the risk of the A-share market, at this time, obviously only suitable for wait-and-see, not suitable for entry.