Luxi, Western Hunan, New Year’s Walk | Luxi: law enforcement with an iron fist to protect a river clear water rare water birds return to the local

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People’s Daily Online changsha January 31, “now the ecology is good, this period of time, you see the Chinese merganser, coot chicken, green wing duck, cygnet, white spoonbill and other water birds come here for food, some or the national first class, second class protection birds and rare water birds.”When the New Year comes, the weather is cold, under the light snow, Luxi county pu town MAO Jia Tan village villagers Tang Shili stick to the post, when he talked about the ban on catching ban on catching yuanjiang ecological improvement that is beaming, “in the early morning, sit on the boat, only hear ‘clattering!Going!The waves rose high, and then a great fish rose into the air.”In summer, fish often bite the buttocks when you bathe in the river.”Luxi, located in wuling Mountain area, undulating hills, rivers and rivers in east and west, the territory of large, deep ditch, creek, curved, with 127 rivers, is hunan Yangtze River basin banned from catching and catching key counties, the main banned from catching and catching range of 45.5 kilometers yuanjiang river and 55.5 kilometers Wushui river.In recent years, Luxi has set up a leading group of “double leaders” responsible for the county party Secretary and the county head. The county government is in charge of the deputy head of the county, and the “head” of each member unit is appointed as the leading group member to ensure efficient progress of the work of banning and returning catching.In view of the mountain high ditch deep, creek much more than the actual, adhere to the “civil air defense given priority to, technical defense is complementary” principle: the establishment of professional law enforcement team, the formation of the ban on fishing patrol team, hire more than 200 ban on fishing patrol, including public welfare post 42, responsible for yuanjiang, Wushui key ban on fishing section of river patrol supervision;160 non-public welfare posts, responsible for patrolling supervision of other rivers and streams.”Rangers” carry out “village co-management, village management mainly”, patrol the river supervision more than 20 days a month, realizing the full coverage of river supervision in the whole basin.At the same time, the construction of intelligent fisheries, Yuanjiang, Tonghe 100 kilometers of key waters investment 2.43 million yuan, the construction of 26 monitoring points and monitoring center.Other rivers will invest 2.15 million yuan to build 38 monitoring points.The monitoring system not only highlights the full coverage of the large water surface, but also pays attention to the key coverage of the main traffic routes of streams and rivers, so as to improve the ability of monitoring and obtaining evidence of cases of poisonous fish and electric fish in remote streams and rivers at night.”In the past, fish thieves stole fish and engaged in guerrilla and mobile warfare with you. They were rampant.”Pu town taiping street community residents Tang Xiangang, generations of fishing for a living, when the back of the ban on fishing patrol, commonly known as the fisherman, before the monthly income is extremely unstable, high 4000 yuan, low 500 yuan.Now, the income is stable.In the old days, fishing often involved putting nets in the river at midnight.Now, patrolling the river to protect fishing, not so tired, much easier.Tang continued, “Now our fishermen have advanced technology and equipment. We have built a smart fishing policy and done a good job of Internet monitoring. My mobile phone can check the river situation at any time.I am confident that I will protect the clear waters and green mountains and make a living for my children and grandchildren.”In Luxi, will be banned and returned to catch and river chief system law enforcement supervision combined, to the county 11 towns equipped with 11 sets of drones, to the agricultural comprehensive law enforcement bureau equipped with 3 sets of law enforcement recorders, to the Yuanjiang river section of the Town of pu Town, Wuxi town each equipped with a boat, to ensure fast patrol, efficient evidence collection, accurate law enforcement.Since 2021, more than 30 times of joint law enforcement have been carried out, including 6 cases of administrative investigation and 3 cases of criminal investigation, 1,525 pieces of net gear and 131 fishing rods confiscated.After more than a year of full coverage, all-weather, traceability, under a series of measures such as law enforcement, the whole chain hit ruanjiang basin LuXi phased achievement, effective protection and water ecological environment restoration, the fish in the water more, species became rich, ever elusive waterfowl cana t again, back to ruanjiang, wu to stop water, feeding, reproduction.(Yanhua Li)